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...the more we listen, the more we hear
the more we hear, the better we understand
the better we understand, the deeper our relationships become...

The following guide introduces key musical selections that illustrate interesting technical and cultural concepts while also sharing great grooves. Many of these tracks and videos are associated with assigned readings and other NWR exercises. Most can be downloaded online services of Youtube, Itunes, Emusic, Magnatunes, Rhapsody.

This Listening Guide is in a State of Ongoing Revision.
Enjoy, and please let me know if you have suggestions for improvement.

Track Categories:


Vocal Percussion Track  
Africa/Europe Plecate Album: Adventures in Afropea 1, Artist: Zap Mama Rhapsody
South India Konnakkol Album: River Yamuna, Artist: Karnataka College of Percussion, traditional drum language recitation eMusic
North India Red Sun Album: Rise, Anoushka Shankar (Ravi's other daughter), Tanmoy Bose, Bikrum Ghosh, wow!!! Rhapsody
India Speaking In Tongues I Album: Weaving My Ancestors' Voices, Artist: Sheila Chandra. Rhapsody
U.S.A. Heat Rocks Album: Human Element: The World's First Human Beatbox Compilation eMusic
U.S.A., South India Millenium Bug Album: Finger Works, Artist: Ganesh Adnandan. Ganesh is an outstanding innovative percussionist exploring, as this track demonstrates, the frontiers of global rhythmusic. Rhapsody
Global Dom, Dom, Dom, Bambi Album: Masters of Percussion: Hossam Ramsey  
Cuba Congo Yambumba Album: Cuba Classics 3: Diablo Al Infierno, Artist: Grupo Vocal Sampling. Latin vocal percussion brilliance. Rhapsody
Bali Kecak Music Drama Interlude Bali - Kecak Ganda Sari Singers Album: Global Voice- Traditional: Kecak Ganda Sari Singers. This incredible vocal percussion technique complements dramatizations of the Ramayana. eMusic
Rhythm Examples Track    
Ayub/Ioub Ayubi Album: Hatshepsut and other dances, Egypt, contemporary eMusic
Ayub/Ioub The Groom Album: The Music of Upper and Lower Egypt, Egypt, vintage eMusic
Ayub/Ioub Douar El Ouahran Album: Mouvement Rai, Artist: Cheikha Remitti, Algeria. Remitti is at the Algerian root of the tree of the increasingly popular and global Rai music. This track reflects Rai when it was still primarily acoustic. Rhapsody
Beladi Bouyout El Farah Album: Belly Dance: Le Meilleur De La Danse Du Ventre eMusic
Beladi Beladi Album: Rhythm of the Dance, Artist: Solace, USA, contemporary. Magnatunes
Bolero Eyes Behind the Veil Album: Eyes Behind the Veil, Artist: Seeds of Time, USA, contemporary. The first portion of this extended 20min. journey moves in and out of Bolero. The track is also a gratifying example of two doumbek players, Daveed Korup and Billy Woods, exploring rhythmic conversation. Entire free album is online here
Chiftitelli Chifti-Telli Album: Rhythm of the Dance, Artist: Solace, USA, contemporary Magnatunes
Chiftitelli Chifti-Telli Unplugged Album: Itneen- Tribal Dance/Tribal Drums, Artist: Helm, USA/Middle-East trained musicians, contemporary eMusic, Rhapsody
Karachi Karachi Crusin' Album: Itneen- Tribal Dance/Tribal Drums, Artist: Helm, USA/Middle-East trained musicians, contemporary eMusic, Rhapsody
Karachi Gouli Album: Mouvement Rai, Artist: Aassa. Rai club music, karachi rhythm.
Karshlimah Rompi, Rompi Album: Gypsy Fire, Artist: Omar Faruk and Tekbilek, Turkey eMusic
Karshlimah Rompi, Rompi Album: Alla-Turca: The Turkish Way With Ozel, Artist: Ozel Turkbas, Turkey, vintage Rhapsody
Karshlimah Mastika Album: FUCC the I.N.S., Bosnian-Bulgarian-American-Japanese, contemporary world post-punk rock eMusic
Masmoodi Through the Ankh Album: Eternal Egypt, Artist: Hossam Ramsey & Phil Thornton, Egypt/England, contemporary eMusic
Maksum Rakset Dalla'a Album: Bellydance Superstars Volume II, Artist: Artist: Ahmad El Asmar, Egypt, contemporary nightclub Rhapsody
Maksum Shimmy Album: The Doom-Tek Project, Artist: Hamdi El-Khayyat, Egypt, contemporary, brilliant doumbek artistry eMusic
Malfuf, Maksum & other comps Enter the Rakkasa /Eftetah Nahawand Album: Beyond the Desert: Classical Egyption Bellydance eMusic
Malfuf Cycle of Life Album: Shake Me Ya Gamal: Hot Tabla Solos, Artist: Gomal Goma, compilation, contemporary acoustic. eMusic
Malfuf, Saidi Boys Stick Dance Album: Drum Circle, Artist: Drum Circle, contemporary eMusic
Moroccan 6 Suite Lothar, Chant et Percussions Album: Berber Music, Le Musiciens De L'Atlas eMusic
Moroccan 6 Moroccan Moon Album: Trance Union, Artist, Layne Redmond & Tommy Brunjes, contemporary web sample
Moroccan 6 (half) Moroccan Spice Album: Awakening, Artist, Gypsy Caravan Rhapsody
Saidi Saidi Festival Album: A Musical Voyage, Artist: Upper Egypt Ensemble, egypt, acoustic eMusic
Saidi, 3 Beat Masmoodi Sahra Saidi Album: Shake Me Ya Gamal: Hot Tabla Solos, Artist: Gomal Goma, compilation, contemporary acoustic. eMusic
Mande/Malinke Rhythm Track  
Dansa,Diansa, Jansa, Danca, Danza, Ref Dansa
Album: Kayleen Ci Jamma Gi (Come To Peace), Artist: Sidiki Diallo
Dununba, Ref Dunumgbe
Album: Malinke Rhythms and Songs, Artist: Famoudou Konate. Generally thought of as the oldest of the doundoumba rhythms. Famoudou Konate was the lead djembe player in the Ballet Africans of the 1950s, and was one of Mamady Keita's teachers.
Fanga Fanga
Album: Damaru, Artist: Damaru, USA, contemporary. Played at greatly reduced velocity, Fanga is possibly the single most well known African drum rhythm in the U.S. Separate online notation from "Conga Friday."
Jole', Ref Yole
Album: Wonbere - Music And Dance In Black & White, Artist: Fore Fote
Yole/Jole',Ref Yole
Album: Guinee Fare, Artist: Jason Hann, USA, Contemporary
Jole',Ref Sikko Djole
Album: The Percussionists Of Guinea, Artist: Ensemble National Des Percussions De Guinee
Triba, Ref Triba
Album: Wonbere - Music And Dance In Black & White, Artist: Fore Fote
Triba, Ref Triba
Album: Guinee Fare, Artist: Jason Hann, USA, Contemporary
Kakilambe, Ref Kakilambe 6/8
Web Instructional with notation from "Conga Friday." Notation for Kakilambe 4/4 time.
Kuku, Ref Koukou Beyla
Album: The Percussionists Of Guinea, Artist: Ensemble National Des Percussions De Guinee
Kuku, Ref Kuku
Album: Guinee Fare, Artist: Jason Hann
Makuru, Macuru, Macru, Macrou, Ref      
Mandiani, Mindiani, Manjani, Mandjani, Mandyani, Mandiany, Ref Manjani
Album: The Lenoir-Rhyne Percussion Program. Learn more about this program here.
Sorsonet, Ref Sorsorone
Album: Skin and Bone, Artist: Inanna, Sisters in Rhythm, U.S. Contemporary
Soko, Ref Soko
Album: Wonbere - Music And Dance In Black & White, Artist: Fore Fote
Soko, Ref Soko
Album: Listen, Artist: Inanna, Sisters in Rhythm, U.S. Contemporary
Soli, Ref      
Yankadi, Ref Yankade/Makru
Album: Guinee Fare, Artist: Jason Hann, U.S., Contemporary
Yankadi, Ref Yankadi
Album: Wonbere - Music And Dance In Black & White, Artist: Fore Fote
World Percussion Examples Track  
Accordian & Framedrum (Daff or Doyre?) Mugham Zabol-Segah Album: Garamond of Ayden Aliev, Artist: Ayden Aliev and ? virtuostic wizardry on the chromatic accordian. Azerbaijani, Aydin Aliev, weaves dramatic lyrical explorations and spiraling rhythmic phrases with an engaged and responsive frame drum accompaniest. eMusic
Adufe (Portuguese square frame drum)

Divina Santa Cruz

see also: Marcelada

Album: Songs And Drums From Beira-Baixa, Artist: Musicians Of Penha Garcia. "Oh, Devine Saint Cruz, and I am going there, my soul is already there, my heart is arriving..." Learn more about the adufe here.
Senhora do Almurtão, Monsanto, Mª Amélia Fonseca
Senhora do Almurtão, Monsanto, Mª Amélia Fonseca: Extraordinary video.
Album: Guinea- An Anthology Of The Mandingo Balaphone - Vol. 1, Artist: El Hadj Djeli Sory Kouyate.
Oru de Igbodu para Yemaya: Chango
Album: Sacred Rhythms of Cuban Santeria, Artist: onjunto de Tambores Bata de Amado Diaz Alfonso. A small (oru seco) example of the complex layers of rhythm and culture that contribute to bata. This is a drum liturgy for the Santo Chango. Learn more here.
Bendir Bendir Solo Album: Hal-an-tow: Songs of the Six Celtic Nations, Artist: Randy Crafton. The buzz of the Bendir Frame Drum is created by strings that are strung against the inside of the head. In addition to being an outstainding percussionist, Randy Crafton is a gifted teacher. eMusic
Bodhran (Irish Framedrum) Bodhran Album: Red, Artist: Young Doubliners. The distinctive sound of the Bodhran Framedrum results from the technique of playing the drum with a stick known as a tipper in one hand, while the other hand modulates the tone from behind. When the same drum is played with hand techniques it sounds very different. Rhapsody
Bow Musical Bow Album: Mbuti Pygmies of the Ituri Rainforest, Artist: Unknown Ndaka man. eMusic
Birimbau L'ombre L'a Dit Album: The Art of the Birimbau, Artist: Francois Kokelaere. The Birimbau is an instrument derived from a hunting bow. A resonant sound chamber is made from a gourd, and the string is a single metal chord that is played with a stick. eMusic
Album: Solo Drumming of Casamance. Artist: Saikouba Badjie. Bougarabou, from Gambia, involves a solo playing on multiple drums. Ritual and performance activities typically last all night. Learn more.
Bow Musical Bow Album: Mbuti Pygmies of the Ituri Rainforest, Artist: Unknown Ndaka man.

Martin Roettger Unaccompanied Solo
Martin Roettger: DVD, taken from his book: Cajon Styles for drummers. Relatively good sound quality for Utube.

Cajon and Flamenco Shoes Hakim Ludin & Bettina Castano duet.

Hakim Ludin & Bettina Castano performance. Lively duet exemplifying rhythmic conversation between a drummer and a dancer.

Conga Solo

Giovanni Hidalgo, a living legend among percussionists around the world, plays solo at home in Florida.

Conga, shaker, and uknown Iron, and conga Conga Conversation

Album: Chengo's Dance, Artist: Bobby Matos. Conga's "converse" with each other over a 3/4 polyrhythm. Note the bell pattern, commonly known as "short bell," in the 4 pulse, and the shaker playing every 3 pulses.


Doire (Uzbek framedrum)

Abbos Kosimov Virtuoso Abbos Kosimov. Short bio video . Utube
Doumbek (Tabla) Solo Raquy's Unaccompanied Doumbek Solo Artist: Raquy Danzinger. Raquy Danzinger of Raquy and the Cavemen offers a gorgeous translation of Persion technique to Egyption Tabla. Raquy plays beautifully, and with her band, is doing extraordinary cultural crossover work. free online video
Doumbek (Tabla) Solo Souhail Kaspar Unaccompanied Doumbek Solo This is a performance by Souhail Kaspar, recorded in May 2005 (?), in Los Angeles. This is found on his "Foundations of Arabic Rhythm" DVD. Utube

Doumbek (Tabla) Solo

Seido Salifoski Unaccompanied Doumbek Solo

Seido Salifoski. Performance in Washington DC, 2006. Utube
Doumbek, Tabla-Beladi, Frame Drum, Zills Tabla Competition

Album: Drum Circle, Artist: Drum Circle, contemporary. This track provides an engaging example of a percussion ensemble based in Middle-Eastern percussion instruments and the ayub rhythm. The Tabla-Beladi is a doublheaded bass drum, played with a hand or stick on one side, and a switch on the other. You can hear this instrument come in as soon as the initial doumbek rolls are completed.

Doumbek, Calabash, Udu, Djembe, Darbouka, Tombak, Pandiero, Cajon
Masterclass: Hossam Ramzy
Masterclass: Hossam Ramzy. This is a rare set of online videos from Rotterdam. It provides a range of insights on percussion as well as cross-cultural rhythmic colalboration. Mr. Ramzy speaks in English and much of the presentation is in English. Mr. Ramzy is accompanied by an extraordinary ensemble of expert players.
gamelan gong kebyar
Bali: gamelan gong kebyar

Gamelan Gemelan, The The Gamelan (New Music Ancient Spirit): audio documentary from PRI: Sound and Spirit free on web
Ghatam Ghatam Quartet Album: River Yamuna, Artist: The Karnataka College of Percussion. The ghatam is a clay pot that has been elevated to the status of a respected South Asian classical instrument. You will see why when you hear this is an ensemble of four Ghatam. eMusic
Ghaval Zekr-e Dowom Album: Anthology of Iranian Rhythms Volume 2, Artist: Madjid Khaladj. Virtuoso Iranian percussionist plays the Ghaval, a framedrum with many metal rings that jingle from the inner frame. eMusic
Jaw Harp (bamboo) Bamboo Jew's Harp Album: Voices of the Rain Forest, Artist: Kaluli people (individual) of Bosavi, Papua New Guinea. Recorded in the forest (you can hear the jungle in the background) by Anthropologist Steven Feld. More about Feld's acoustic anthropological work. eMusic
Kanjira Solo Ganesh Kumar solo from his instructional DVD Utube
Kanjira Kanjira Trio Album: River Yamuna, Artist: The Karnataka College of Percussion. The Kanjira is a small frame drum with as single jingle that was traditionally covered with a lizard skin head. The musician moistens the skin with water and adjusts the pitch with one hand, while playing all of the drum strokes with the other. eMusic
Sound and Spirit
Out of Africa: The Spirit of Mbira. PRI audio documentary.
Ragam-tanam-pallavi in raga kiravani
Album: Lotus Signatures, Artist: Dr. N. Ramani / Trichy Sankaran (percussion). In addition to the the Mrdingum, you will also hear the Kanjira, the Ghatam, and the Morsing.
Morsing (Jaw Harp) Morsing Trio Album: River Yamuna, Artist: The Karnataka College of Percussion. The morsing is known in the west as a Jaw (Juice, "Jews") Harp. The application of South Asian percussion language transforms the twang of the morsing into an engaging tapestry of rhythm. eMusic
Pandeiro Paulo Lima da Silva. Solo performance
Paulo Lima da Silva from Salvador-Bahia in Brazil
Pandeiro Pandeiro Solo
Album: Online Lesson Demonstration Movie, Artist: Rafael Pereira. This is an 20mb video demonstration of solo pandiero. The pandeiro is a Brazilian jingled framedrum.
Pandeiro Juggling Incredible pandiero juggling at Samba School in Brazil Utube
Rebola or Tan-Tan, Birimbau, Claps Riva Album: Brazilian Explosion, Artist: Bosco De Oliveira and Liliana, Samba subgenre Pagode ("pagojay"). BBC
Rebolo or Tan-TAn Demonstration Percussao. Clear example Utube
Riq Compte A Rebours Album: Forty Rhythms From the Middle-East, Artist: Adel Shams El-Din, contemporary acoustic. This is a solo Riq (Middle-Eastern tamborine) playing the Samai rhythm (10 beats with bridge to 6 beats). eMusic
Riq Yousif Sheronick Solo Riq demonstration from his instructional DVD. Utube
Riq   David Kuckhermann, outstanding online video demonstration. mpg, wmv
Santoor Morning Contemplations Album: Talking Tabla, Artist: Tarun Bhattacharya & Bikram Ghosh, North India eMusic
Slit-Gong (log drum) Slit-Gong Signalling Album: Mbuti Pygmies of the Ituri Rainforest, Artist: Unknown Mbuti. Rhythmic signaling to others in the forest. eMusic
Sticks Musical Sticks Album: Mbuti Pygmies of the Ituri Rainforest, Artist: Unknown. Rhythmic stick ensemble playing for Nkumbi inititation dance. eMusic
Tabla Drut Teentala Album: Talking Tabla, Artist: Bikram Ghosh, North India eMusic
Taiko Ensemble Yuudachi Album: Soh Daiko, Artist: Taiko Drum Ensemble, Japan. eMusic, Rhapsody
Tambourello Pizzica Tarantata Album: ITALY Alessandra Belloni: Tarantelle e Canti d'Amore, Artist: Alessandra Belloni. The tambourello is played as a part of women's healing dance rituals to cure tantarismo. eMusic
Tombak Shish-Hastom (Improvisation in 6/8) Album: Iran: Art of the Tombak, Artist: Majid Khaladji. Master of the Persian (Iran) Tombak, Majid Khalidji, weaves brilliant spiraling tapestry's of rhythm with extraordinary technique. The roll that that you hear is known by the automatopia "rizz." eMusic
Frame Drum In Transit Album: Hand Dance, Artist: Glen Velez. Glen Velez is unquestionably the most influential contemporary proponent of the frame drum in North America. Together with his illustrious list of students, Velez has also brought international appreciation to this family of instruments. Hand Dance was his first commercial release. It reflects a young virtuoso awakening to the extraordinary potential of this drum, and presages the reemergence of this ancient instrument in contemporary Western contexts. The track, "In Transit," is an extended multifaceted composition that expresses both the artist and this moment in musical history. eMusic
Frame Drum Duet
Glen Velez & Layne Redmond
1989 Video footage of duet from Glen Velez' hand dance album.
Sacred Voice / Sound / and Chant Track  
Israel and Jordan 1000 years before the earliest biblical manuscripts. Rannanu ((Sing With Joy) Chant From the Dead Sea Scrolls)) Album: Ancient Echoes - Music from the time of Jesus and Jerusalem's Second Temple, Artist: San Antonio Vocal Arts Ensamble. Couldn't resist the inclusion of this ancient chant. Note that it has been set to a chiftitelli rhythm. Rhapsody
Australia Garbina Album- Australia: The Dreaming, Artist: Jowandi. Dijeridoo eMusic
Congo Molimo song of devotion to the forest Album: Mbuti Pygmies of the Ituri Rainforest, Artist: Group of Mbuti men. eMusic
Cross-Cultural/ Global Many tracks in this collection Album: Chant- Spirit in Sound, Artist: Robert Gass. This album offers an extraordinary collection of chants from around the world in contemporary formats. This CD supports Gass book of the same name. Rhapsody
Egypt Call to Prayer Album: Spirit of the African Sanctus, Artist: ??, There are two tracks with the Muslim adhan (call to prayer). The call is made five times a day, weaving the sacred, like European church bells, into the sonic geography of a village, town, or city. More info here. eMusic
Egypt The Groom Album: The Music of Upper and Lower Egypt, Artist: ??, vintage eMusic
England, London Westminster Abbey Album: Church Bells of England, Artist: ??, Sacred geography of sound. "Wake up! Wake up!" eMusic
Fiji Sa Sowiri Fiji Album: Global Voices- Traditional, Artist: Vancouver Fiji Boys eMusic
India 1000-300B.C. approx Vedic Chants Album: Chants of India, Artist: Ravi Shankar / George Harrison producer.Slokas or verses from the some of the oldest Hindu texts. Rhapsody
India & U.S.A. Namah Shivaya Album: Live on Earth, Artist: Krisna Das. Krisna Das leads a kirtan practice (a technique for group chanting the names of divinity), awakening participants to the fullness of life. eMusic
Morocco Guedra: Standing Dance/Knee Dance Album: Songs and Rhythms of Morocco, Artist: ??, Morocco, vintage. This is a recording from a Guedra ritual. Rhapsody

Sanson Ki Mala


Album: Greatest Hits Volume 2, Artist: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, master of Kawalli, ecstatic Sufi devotional song. Kawalli grows slowly like a delicate mountain spring that flows into a towering waterfall of love. Interview1, Interview 2 eMusic, Rhapsody
Pakistan & U.S.A. My Heart, My Life Album: Night Song, Artist: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, here is Khan applying his magic to the bridges of world music. He was introduced to Western Audiences by Peter Gabriel. Rhapsody
U.S.A. Let the Way Be Open Album: Enter the Center, Artist: Abigail Spinner Aft McBride. Spinner's contemporary chants are known and sung in sacred gatherings accross the country. Get a copy of the CD at: spinner@mcbridemagic.com Online


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